Lecture – The great healing power of Flowers

The use of plants for healthy, harmonious and balanced well-being has been present in human history since the earliest civilizations. Flower Therapy and plants have been used in the ancient Lemuria, and Atlantis, later in Mesopotamia, Old Egypt, India, China, etc. The tradition that has been preserved to this day, is found in all cultures – we know Bach’s, Australian, Brazilian, Italian, etc. Floral Essences, each with its own specific formula, a method of production, philosophy and effects. For all, there is a common mystical and profound knowledge of the plant world, which supports and manages people at all levels of its existence.

Flower Therapy has always served as a natural means of supporting general health. Flower Essences act as a kind of key which starts the processes of resolving non-harmonic states into a perfect balance. In order to understand the plant world and its connection with humans, we must inevitably look at the essence of Creation and find links that are invisible to the eyes; yet only their understanding gives answers to many questions that we can not easily comprehend nowadays.

The view from a different angle enables us to understand where our dissatisfactions, suffering, constant struggle, and conditions of sickness are coming from, and one gives the answers to how we can leave everything mentioned behind us, by resorting to nature – in the embrace of the Mother Earth and its constant concern for all beings.

The lecture will be led by Andrea Cattapan, an Italian – therapist (naturopath / iridologist) – who has been studying, monitoring and practicing Alchemy, Iridology, natural medicine, Naturohygiene, technical health and human (complementary) medicine for nearly twenty years. In his work, he follows natural approaches and “conscious medicine” as help in solving physical problems and existential imbalances. He treats natural medicine as the art of treating and supporting the intentions of each Spirit as an individual, through the light of consciousness and awareness in its course of life.

The lecture will be held in English and translated into Slovene. Participation is free.

MONDAY, February , 4 2019, at 17:30 h

ALAJA – healthy lifestyle shop
Vodnikova cesta 123 A, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA

Please let us know about your participation on: info@anima-alchemylab.com


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