Message from Ragbà

When we decide to return for another experience, through reincarnation,
we conquer a body that will serve as a vehicle in space/time in which we will be here.

What I observe is that some brother does not respect the limits of his body, or fails to integrate the spiritual work he does with himself, with the expression of this work in his body.

We can not forget the importance of form and essence;

The form is the extension of the essence, and essence evolves only within the form.

Taking care of our personal physical envelope it’s a responsibility that we should all have.
It is a question of respect for ourselves and of personal gratitude towards this Earth, which offers us all for our journey.

Treating the body well is a synonym of self-love, to like oneself.
Vanity, when healthy, expresses the joy of the Soul of being alive and its eternal gratitude for having this opportunity, always unique, to afford to live.

Make your body a healthy home, so that the Spirit can be proud of the house in which it lives, for the time it will remain here.

I’m, by voice, Ragbà.
(message received by Joel Aleixo on 01/07/2000 and dedicated to all alchemist friends)