Lecture – ANIMA live flower essences

Natural solutions to your life strugglings

Did you know that flowers have an incredible role in human lives? There is an ancient Slovenian proverb saying »For each disease, there is a flower growing.” Therefore, flower therapy is used since the first civilizations, to restore psycho-physical disbalances inside humans.

With its amazing properties and life experiences, flowers are the right partner to look for. They can ease our moods, clean our body from toxins and old ways of thinking, rebalance all the energy structures in our body and electromagnetically field. Hence, they truly are little miracles which can ease our life strugglings.

Join us in the Museum of General Library in Ljutomer.

THURSDAY, 28.2.2019, at 18:00

Glavni trg 2, 9240 Ljutomer

Please let us know about your participation on: info@anima-alchemylab.com