…taken from the book – Kaivalya Darsanam, THE HOLY SCIENCE.

“The charlatans, the unbelievers who inhabit the present epoch, defined by the ancient Vedic culture ‘age of ignorance’, have thrown into the astral science the discredit in which it currently finds itself. Astrology is too vast both from a mathematical and a philosophical point of view, so that it can be understood exactly, if not by enlightened people with deep understanding. That the ignorant poorly read the skies and see them as scribbles instead of a script is predictable, in this imperfect world.

However, wisdom should not be dismissed together with the ‘wise men’. All parts of creation are inter-related and mutually influence each other. The harmonious rhythm of the universe is rooted in reciprocity. Man in his human aspect must fight two orders of forces: first the tumults within his own being, caused by the mixture of Earth, Water, Fire and Air, and ethereal elements; secondly, the external disruptive forces of nature. As long as the man struggles in his own mortal, fatal dimension, he is subject to the infinite changes of heaven and earth.

Astrology is the study of man’s reaction to planetary stimuli. The stars do not prove any conscious benevolence or animosity: they limit themselves to be and to emit positive and negative radiations. In themselves, these do not help or harm humanity but act as a legitimate tool so that the balance of cause and effect that every human being has activated in the past can work in the outside world. A child is born in the day and the hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma. His horoscope is a portrait that challenges him, revealing his immutable past and its probable future outcomes.

The birth chart, however, can only be interpreted correctly by people with intuitive wisdom and these people are rare. The message boldly proclaimed in the skies at the time of birth is not intended to bring to the forefront the destiny (the consequences of good and evil done in the past), but to encourage the human will to escape such universal subjection: what the ‘man did, he can undo it. No one else, outside of him, is the creator of the causes that have caused the effects, whatever they are, currently prevalent in his life. He can overcome every limitation, because he himself created it initially with his own actions and because he has spiritual resources that are not subject to any planetary pressure.

The superstitious awe of astrology makes the men of the automaton slavish dependent on mechanical guidance. The wise defeats his own planets (or his own past), transferring his loyalty from creation to the Creator. The more he becomes aware of his unity with the Spirit, the less he can be dominated by matter.

The soul is perennially free; it is immortal in as much as it has never been born. It cannot be regulated by the stars. Man is a soul and has a body; when he correctly establishes his sense of identity, he leaves behind any coercive model. As long as he remains confused in his ordinary state of spiritual amnesia, he will know the subtle chains of the law of the environment in which he lives, of the stars and of the sky.

God is harmony; the devotee who gets in tune will never perform any inappropriate action. His activities will be correctly and spontaneously synchronized with the astrological law. After praying and meditating deeply, he will be in contact with his divine conscience; there is no greater power than such inner protection.”

Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri

Swami Sri Yukteshwar Giri