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The remedy I used is ‘Lightness – epaticum’. Now, as the booklet states, it is NOT some magic cure to fix every problem just like that, and I didn’t expect anything like that. I did however try to see how it would affect me, and first of all, it made me burst out. Some negative tensions, hidden deep inside me, were bursting out of me, and I got in quarrel with my family and some other close people. This still isn’t 100% resolved as such, but it let me become aware of certain stuff about myself.

To let go something, to accept something else. To find my own self in a way. To make myself a bit clearer who I really am, and who I’m not.

I’ve also managed to straighten out some relationship I’ve had trouble with for a while. And at the same time, it made me burst out, it also made me realize, I’m more at peace since some things are not as they used to be, since I consider them in a different way. I guess I could say, I’m a bit more optimistic, self-aware, self-assured and most of all, I actually DO something, not only fall into despair, seeing no way out. So, in a way, my will to live is slowly returning back, though I’ve lost it long ago. Perhaps a few decades ago…

I mean, I’m even attending some group, meant for everyone to share their feelings and traumas with others, and I’m realizing more and more, that many have far greater troubles from their past, than I do, therefore I consider myself lucky more than anything, not a victim, like I did before. And realizing your talents, potential, abilities… only helps with that process, to acknowledge something, then let it go, and move on. This last thing, is my greatest wish, besides being healthy and staying true to my deepest beliefs.

Anyway, it’s not only because of using ‘Lightness – epaticum’ but your product surely had its own role in the whole process. The process still isn’t finished of course, probably never will be, considering how things go in life, in universe in general… But it feels good, to move on from a certain point, seeing opportunities when they arise, gathering new experiences etc. And your product has helped on a way to this goal. I’ll probably buy it again sometimes in the future, though I’m still using the first spray bottle at the moment. I may even try some others, combining them. Everything in due time.

LIGHTNESS – epaticum


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