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Panic Attacks

Practical advice: how to limit disorders and overcome discomforts


Panic syndromes are almost always connected to “our roots”, to our survival instinct. To the way we interact with the environment and to the way we are connected to the outside world. They also often originate in our ancestor’s and ante-pasts, which they genetically represent our roots. As well as in the actions, experiences, traumatic events, etc. that were experienced and/or suffered by them, which inevitably they reverberate even in the later generations.

The affected nervous system is the Autonomic ones (ANS), managed by the “oldest” portion of our brain: the so-called reptilian brain (medulla oblongata – bulb – bridge – cerebellum).

Flower composition SERENITY is the compound that acts directly on the nervous system, balancing, calming and relaxing.

Flower compound SERENITY


Physical structures such as blood (consanguinity), genes, DNA and cellular memories, together with the electromagnetic information printed and present in our Aura, are involved in the topic, as they are able to record and convey information and memories suffered and impressed, which concern our past and our ancestor’s ones – bloodlines.

So, in the subject are included our past traumatic memories and those that interest our families, ancestors, and before-past. Different Shamanic Traditions of the planet, in accordance with the Alchemic Tradition, affirm that the past and the experiences of the 7 generations of ancestors before us, manage to reach us and influence and/or affect our lives directly. Mostly in us, this happens in the most profound unconsciousness and unawareness.

From the subtle, spiritual point of view, from the electromagnetic side, the parts of the body involved will be the lower ones, corresponding to the “first auric layer”, to the Base Chakra (also called Root Chakra or 1st Chakra), thus physically including the legs, the genital apparatus, and the entrails as intestine, bowel and urinary bladder.

It is not by coincidence that the symptoms and physical manifestations related to panic attacks and altered psychic states that derive from psychoses, phobias, and fears, also they may affect our bowels, or rather originate in something visceral, so to say ‘deep’.

Flower composition PHYSICAL DETOX is the right remedy to regulate, heal and support our roots and our visceral, instinctive part.

Flower compound PHYSICAL DETOX


The signal of danger received by the body will lead to an adrenal response, that will be readily recognized by the heart, the center of our system, with consequent hyper-activation of the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS). Tachycardia, palpitations, anxiety, shortness of breath, tremor, fear, sweating and a sense of suffocation, therefore, will be the symptoms resulting from the state of danger induced and received, which reverberates at the heart and lung level.

For this reason, the two flower compounds SENTIMENT DETOX and BREATH, are indicated because they act in the chest, in the sentimental area, in the respiratory system which includes the heart and lungs.

Typically it will manifest muscle contraction, abdominal tension, pain in the legs and indisposition of energy and vitality. On the occasion can follow weakness and tremor (especially in the legs), sudden incontinence (peeing on oneself), strong intestinal discharges and/or diarrheal attacks.

Flower composition RELIEF, as a general rescue of all traumatic states, will give relief to all physical, external and internal tensions.

Flower compound RELIEF


In energy terms, we will find ourselves mostly in the presence of ‘a VACUUM’ in the lower part, in our roots, in our relationship with physicality, characterized by a consequent loss of energy in this area. All in correspondence to ‘a state of FULLNESS’ of the opposite portion, therefore of the upper part, of the crown – mind-brain – affected and overwhelmed by excessive worries, manias, obsession, brooding, “rumination” and conjectures, that proceed free-wheeling, taking over on the state of self-balance of the person.

A primary mode of intervention consists of immediate coherent breathing, slow and deep; that is pushed up to the lower abdomen (..ie inflating the belly). It is fundamental to bring back contact with the present, with genuine primary energies that are synthesized through conscious breathing. Since, in these circumstances, our Being will always be “caught in the act”, in a displacement or space-time condition, absolutely not corresponding to reality and to the PRESENT MOMENT. Empty the mind!

This is why flower composition MIND DETOX is a great help because it cleans the mind, obsessive and redundant thoughts, and clarifying our mental horizon. Flower composition SELF-ESTEEM, on the other hand, will help us find the necessary strength to resume our activities, and the courage and confidence to move forward.

Drinking a nice glass of water, which will work by washing away the altered energy condition present during the state of crisis, easily it can contribute to a substantial rapid benefit!

Andrea Cattapan