Neja, 20 years old – absence of menstruation for some years




flower essences composition


The ANIMA Flower Essences that I used triggered in me a lot of processes, both on the physical and spiritual level. After only a few days I felt things moving, cleaning up inside of me.

There have been a lot of changes, mostly on the inside and they reflect also outside. I felt like a purification process happening in me. I got my period after a few days of my therapy, and later I had it regularly for the second time, right on schedule! The first time I had it a lot of changes happened in my behaviour, way of perceiving things, etc…

I am really glad that I had this opportunity.

An important purification process began when I got my period. The latter period I did not have for a bit more than 2 years. I still do not know the cause of such a change in my menstrual cycle, because at that time I had not been affected by any drastic event in my life, nor had I changed my lifestyle. Therefore, I was just left with an explanation that a major shift in my hormones system must have happened. So getting my period back after such a long time meant a really big change for my body. With it came transformations in my behavior and perception also. The first week was a really intense transformational process. Constantly something was happening and at times I almost felt like I was a different person. A lot of emotions that never really lost their energy (they were just repressed) were coming from within me and were expressed in many different ways. Slowly I started to recognize them and bring them into my awareness.


ABUNDANCE – ematicum