Man purifying place with burning sage


‘Asepsia’ is the complex of resolutive and preventive measures that allow the maintenance of an optimal and healthy vital state in the individual, free from the presence of pathogenic microorganisms and parasites (bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, yeasts, etc.).


Promoting the disinfection and the purification of the different biological tissues, structures, systems or apparatuses, and favoring the removal of the colonizing life forms which, by their nature, tend to parasitize and proliferate in the human body.


Anti-sepsia or anti-sepsis*, or rather the set of procedures that work against complex and generalized infections is, therefore, an act of prevention for the development of infectious agents by means of physical or biochemical procedures, behaviors and lifestyles, intended to drive away or eradicate the survival of these mentioned microorganisms.


It refers to the disinfection of live biological tissues, through the use of antiseptic preparations obtained from nature (plants, herbs, essences, essential oils, salts and minerals).


DETOX line is such ASEPTIC line of products. It consists of three compositions:


– Asepticum Mercurialis or MIND DETOX

– Asepticum Salinarius or SENTIMENT DETOX

– Asepticum Sulfuricus or PHYSICAL DETOX



*The term sepsi (from the Greek σήψις, “sēpsis”, putrefaction) indicates a systemic disease caused by the simultaneous presence of SIRS (Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) and infection, presumed or documented.


*Sepsis is also called septicemia. A-sepsia (with alpha privative) therefore means the absence of an infectious, inflammatory and putrefactive state.