In Alchemy tradition, we call “THE FIRST MARRIAGE” the moment when a SOUL enters and incarnate into a PHYSICAL BODY.  An amazing momentum for a new life to begin, for a new experience to undertake…

Alchemy is therefore always based, founded or centered, on respecting, knowing, and understanding the invisible laws of Nature: concepts, and specific needs each of these two different “entities” have. One material and heavy, fully grounded, part of Mother Earth; the other immaterial, subtle, fully detached, part of God Himself.

Our life journey is composed of learning how these two fully “opposite subjects” co-exist together, and how to make them live in balance and in harmony, for the ultimate purpose of evolution in this dimension, in this reality, in this planet.

They are, truly, as a husband (masculine – physical) and wife (feminine – spiritual), learning to live in peace, with both of their needs and talents being fully expressed, valued, respected, and balanced.

That is why natural remedies ANIMA work on both levels – so to say: our PHYSICAL REALM and at the same time our SPIRITUAL REALM – helping them to co-exist, to stay well together, harmonically, healthy, satisfied, and genuinely interconnected.