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Vitor, 51 years old – returning to his essence

ANIMA Flower Essences   Thank you for asking me the outcome! The results are already very positive, in spite of being in the middle of treatment. The things that have changed and that I have consciousness are: more enthusiasm, more energy, less negative, less depressed, more active, more positive, and more protected. It seems that […]


In Alchemy tradition, we call “THE FIRST MARRIAGE” the moment when a SOUL enters and incarnate into a PHYSICAL BODY.  An amazing momentum for a new life to begin, for a new experience to undertake… Alchemy is therefore always based, founded or centered, on respecting, knowing, and understanding the invisible laws of Nature: concepts, and […]

Janja, 40 years – protection

PROTECTION immunitus flower essences composition   I feel excellent, and I perceive them as a real shield against the external influences of people who have lately had too much negative energy, which I sometimes absorbed into myself and wanted to save the world and everything around me, but forgot about myself in the meantime. After […]


‘Asepsia’ is the complex of resolutive and preventive measures that allow the maintenance of an optimal and healthy vital state in the individual, free from the presence of pathogenic microorganisms and parasites (bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, yeasts, etc.).   Promoting the disinfection and the purification of the different biological tissues, structures, systems or apparatuses, and […]

Lecture BODY CLEANSING – the first approach in all natural medicine

You are invited to an online lecture with alchemist, therapist and naturopath Andrea Cattapan, where he will talk about the importance of a clean body, which is one of the first approaches in all natural medicine. He will answer our questions about what genuine body cleansing consists of and how to tackle it in the […]

Lecture & mini Personal Counseling: How fear affects the IMMUNE SYSTEM

Feelings of fear, stress, sadness, pessimism, and other low-vibrating emotions significantly affect the state of our immune system, as emotions are an integral part of all processes in the body. We invite you to a lecture where you will learn how fear affects the state of our immune system, which will be especially important in […]

Amelia, 49 years old – premenopausal period

  WOMAN HARMONY feminam flower essences composition   Your Essences are already working (believe it or not). Otherwise, as you have noticed, I am very sensitive to energy, so it’s not surprising that the positive influences of your Essences are already showing on me. I’m 49 years old and I’m in the premenopausal period. I […]

Neja, 20 years old – absence of menstruation for some years

  ABUNDANCE ematicum flower essences composition   The ANIMA Flower Essences that I used triggered in me a lot of processes, both on the physical and spiritual level. After only a few days I felt things moving, cleaning up inside of me. There have been a lot of changes, mostly on the inside and they […]

Beba, 40 years old – daily life support

  LINE ANIMA & DETOX flower essences composition   I tried all the ANIMA Flower Essences compositions and I can not stop marveling at how much they really helped me, with many little things. It’s amazing that what is written in the description of every single composition, is really what they are meant for, and […]

Aleksandra, 57 years old – sentimental support

  SENTIMENT DETOX & BREATH asepticum salinarius + respiratum flower essences composition   I am willingly making my 3rd cycle/treatment with Flower Essences compounds Sentiment Detox and Breath. They are really amazingly helping me. When I look back, in time before taking Flower Essences ANIMA and compared with now, I notice the incredible difference in my inner […]