In Alchemy tradition, we call “THE FIRST MARRIAGE” the moment when a SOUL enters and incarnate into a PHYSICAL BODY.  An amazing momentum for a new life to begin, for a new experience to undertake…

Alchemy is therefore always based, founded or centered, on respecting, knowing, and understanding the invisible laws of Nature: concepts, and specific needs each of these two different “entities” have. One material and heavy, fully grounded, part of Mother Earth; the other immaterial, subtle, fully detached, part of God Himself.

Our life journey is composed of learning how these two fully “opposite subjects” co-exist together, and how to make them live in balance and in harmony, for the ultimate purpose of evolution in this dimension, in this reality, in this planet.

They are, truly, as a husband (masculine – physical) and wife (feminine – spiritual), learning to live in peace, with both of their needs and talents being fully expressed, valued, respected, and balanced.

That is why natural remedies ANIMA work on both levels – so to say: our PHYSICAL REALM and at the same time our SPIRITUAL REALM – helping them to co-exist, to stay well together, harmonically, healthy, satisfied, and genuinely interconnected.



Man purifying place with burning sage


‘Asepsia’ is the complex of resolutive and preventive measures that allow the maintenance of an optimal and healthy vital state in the individual, free from the presence of pathogenic microorganisms and parasites (bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, yeasts, etc.).


Promoting the disinfection and the purification of the different biological tissues, structures, systems or apparatuses, and favoring the removal of the colonizing life forms which, by their nature, tend to parasitize and proliferate in the human body.


Anti-sepsia or anti-sepsis*, or rather the set of procedures that work against complex and generalized infections is, therefore, an act of prevention for the development of infectious agents by means of physical or biochemical procedures, behaviors and lifestyles, intended to drive away or eradicate the survival of these mentioned microorganisms.


It refers to the disinfection of live biological tissues, through the use of antiseptic preparations obtained from nature (plants, herbs, essences, essential oils, salts and minerals).


DETOX line is such ASEPTIC line of products. It consists of three compositions:


– Asepticum Mercurialis or MIND DETOX

– Asepticum Salinarius or SENTIMENT DETOX

– Asepticum Sulfuricus or PHYSICAL DETOX



*The term sepsi (from the Greek σήψις, “sēpsis”, putrefaction) indicates a systemic disease caused by the simultaneous presence of SIRS (Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) and infection, presumed or documented.


*Sepsis is also called septicemia. A-sepsia (with alpha privative) therefore means the absence of an infectious, inflammatory and putrefactive state.


Young woman smelling Flowers

Your vibration determines your health

When it comes to vibrations, energies, something subtle, we sometimes find ourselves misunderstood to interfere with a field of not being grounded, where everything is based more on our level of belief and that in any case this kind of perspective of our perception has nothing to do with our real life, which many times we equate to a concrete, physical, visible and tangible world.


Yet we cannot neglect the fact that all things in our universe are constantly moving and vibrating. Even objects that seem stationary actually vibrate, oscillate, echo at different frequencies. Resonance is a type of motion characterized by the oscillation between two states. And after all, all matter is just a vibration of different states.


To give you an example:


Pure running water has a frequency of 200 Hz;

A sense of unity, alliance with others 144 Hz;

Generosity 95 Hz;

Virus from about 5.5 to 14.5 Hz.


Woman meditating next to waterfall




Diseases have been shown to arise and persist in very low vibrations, while in high vibrations they simply do not survive. If we measure the vibration of a cancerous formation, we will find that it resonates at a very low frequency and this applies to all, without exception.


Why in the Himalayas do we find yogis almost being naked meditating in the middle of a snowy landscape not feeling any cold? Because they have raised their vibration to such an extent, that their body responds directly to it. And that’s exactly what happens to each of our bodies.


The condition of our vibration depends on the condition of our physical body – how sick we are, prone to sickness, to various symptoms, syndromes, manifestations, or how vital we are, chill, filled with energy and radiating health.


Have you ever noticed what shine healthy people have? Their vibration reflects the light outward. And sick? When we look into their eyes, we often see shadows.


And back to the case of the Yogi from the Himalayas. Why can his body withstand extreme temperatures? Because he consumed enough of the right foods, Vitamins D and C, or balanced his gut flora? The answer is actually yes, by not doing it from the outside, but from the inside out. The key to his powerful immune system lies in his vibration, which he has achieved through a controlled breath, a balanced mind and soothing emotions.


In the wild times we live in today, all of these aspects are largely neglected – individuals succumb to high stress, which is merely a reflection of their inner chaos and, in fact, not so much of the external circumstances. Worries, fear, pessimism, negativity… poison the mind and cause us to find ourselves in a whole spectrum of emotional responses throughout the day – from joy, excitement, anger, being upset to sadness and disappointment.


And here it is common for us to understand that peace and anger vibrate completely differently.


Most of the poisoning and the actual state of our body have been proven to originate from our mental and emotional state. It has even been scientifically confirmed that high vibrations alter our gut microbiota, which is directly linked to our immune system.


Of course, we do not neglect other aspects here, such as food and exposure to external toxins, which also contribute to the condition of our body.


However, we can agree that whether or not viruses and other entities can survive within us, depends on whether we have the right environment for them. Or, on the other hand, we have an environment that they certainly don’t like.


Viruses vibrate at low vibrations, as they are low-developed parasites that find their food and the proper environment in low vibrations – preferably where chaos and fear prevail in a person.




This is why the advanced civilizations, that have lived far ahead of us, have always been concerned with how to keep their vibration at a high level, which also directly implies a high consciousness and the will of the person to take control over their minds, emotions and the lower qualities.


Couple holding hands


High vibrations are vibrations of peace, joy, love, compassion and life itself.


High vibrations are therefore found in colors, harmonic sounds, Fibonacci sequence and pleasant scents. They are found in nature, which is why Mother Nature has always been a great healer of humanity.


It is no coincidence that so-called vibrational therapies use plant flowers, precious stones and other valuables of nature.


If we look at the flower, we will find in it the perfection of the universe – beautiful colors, stunning scents, the perfect sequence in the number of flowers, pestles, seeds, and at the same time divine grace, beauty and innocence. In one word: HARMONY!


All these qualities have their own frequency record. When we use extracts that come directly from the fresh flowers, we are actually introducing all of these qualities in a frequency form, since it is easily recorded in the medium of water. That is why through their use we begin to recognize the changes in our inner state, in our mind, emotions and consciousness, which naturally manifests in a vital and healthy body. The body is the last stage of our existence – all processes begin at many other levels and directly affect our physical organism.


Bautiful macro photo of the flower


With flower extracts, we raise our vibration, because flowers naturally vibrate much higher than the human body itself – in them exists a natural perfect order.


What we mean, the most important thing we want to explain here and make you understand, is that these high, healthy and healing frequencies that have the ability to raise the vibratory content of our body, we cannot find them in synthetic vitamins, in synthetic food supplements, drugs, capsules and tablets, as they are the product of either a separation process (isolation of the active principle – the term used here is very explicit and meaningful – ‘isolation’), or of their chemical production in synthetic form, therefore not directly deriving by something natural, or from a natural process. We extract and respect the life of fresh, living plants, so as to preserve and safeguard their healing vibration as much as possible.


Perhaps this is why we can more easily understand the words of the great philosopher and doctor Paracelsus:

“It is not the plant that heals, but its soul.”


ANIMA flower compositions are really special floral preparations that are the result of new approaches to flower therapy that give you almost incredible effects. Thanks to their special recipe and ancient approaches to treating tinctures, extracts and essences, we have at our disposal preparations that are simultaneously perceived as an improvement on our subtle (mental and emotional level) as well as on the physical level. In any case, both are never excluded – when we work on one level, this consequently manifests itself on another, but it depends on the different preparations how quickly changes occurring at subtle levels can be felt in our body, in terms of alleviation of symptoms and health problems.


The human being is extraordinary – a wonderful interplay of body and spirit. Only when we learn to truly take care of both will we achieve radiant health. Both mentally and physically.


During the coronavirus, we especially recommend the use of the following ANIMA flower compositions


The flower composition PROTECTION contains a composition of flower extracts that balance our gut flora and strengthen our immune system, and above all contains frequencies that are unfavorable to any viruses and bad bacteria. With PROTECTION in our body, we create a strong defense against the outside.


Flower composition PROTECTION


APIS is a special composition that contains alchemical extracts of all bee products – honey, pollen, propolis and royal jelly – and acts as a catalyst – activating all processes in the body. In combination with the composition PROTECTION, it activates the body’s defense system exceptionally, and on the other hand, helps to activate other processes in the body that are either in a tilt (inactive) and contribute to the lower responsiveness of the body. APIS can always be combined with other compositions to maximize their performance.


Flower composition BREATH supports overall respiratory health. It is intended for the disinfection of the lungs and contributes significantly to their protection and optimal functioning. It soothes all kinds of coughs and regulates the lung meridian. It can certainly be used as a preventative during a time when the virus is attacking the lungs.


Flower composition BREATH


In the case of a worried, pessimistic and negative mind, we recommend the use of the flower composition MIND DETOX, which cleanses the brain and lymph and allows the mind to remain positive and unburdened.


Flower composition MIND DETOX


In the case of nervousness and problems with the nervous system, we recommend the flower composition SERENITY, as well as flower composition RELIEF, which alleviates internal suffering and all physical pain, can be of great help.


You can check out the full range of ANIMA flower compositions HERE.

woman in fear

Panic Attacks

Practical advice: how to limit disorders and overcome discomforts


Panic syndromes are almost always connected to “our roots”, to our survival instinct. To the way we interact with the environment and to the way we are connected to the outside world. They also often originate in our ancestor’s and ante-pasts, which they genetically represent our roots. As well as in the actions, experiences, traumatic events, etc. that were experienced and/or suffered by them, which inevitably they reverberate even in the later generations.

The affected nervous system is the Autonomic ones (ANS), managed by the “oldest” portion of our brain: the so-called reptilian brain (medulla oblongata – bulb – bridge – cerebellum).

Flower composition SERENITY is the compound that acts directly on the nervous system, balancing, calming and relaxing.

Flower compound SERENITY


Physical structures such as blood (consanguinity), genes, DNA and cellular memories, together with the electromagnetic information printed and present in our Aura, are involved in the topic, as they are able to record and convey information and memories suffered and impressed, which concern our past and our ancestor’s ones – bloodlines.

So, in the subject are included our past traumatic memories and those that interest our families, ancestors, and before-past. Different Shamanic Traditions of the planet, in accordance with the Alchemic Tradition, affirm that the past and the experiences of the 7 generations of ancestors before us, manage to reach us and influence and/or affect our lives directly. Mostly in us, this happens in the most profound unconsciousness and unawareness.

From the subtle, spiritual point of view, from the electromagnetic side, the parts of the body involved will be the lower ones, corresponding to the “first auric layer”, to the Base Chakra (also called Root Chakra or 1st Chakra), thus physically including the legs, the genital apparatus, and the entrails as intestine, bowel and urinary bladder.

It is not by coincidence that the symptoms and physical manifestations related to panic attacks and altered psychic states that derive from psychoses, phobias, and fears, also they may affect our bowels, or rather originate in something visceral, so to say ‘deep’.

Flower composition PHYSICAL DETOX is the right remedy to regulate, heal and support our roots and our visceral, instinctive part.

Flower compound PHYSICAL DETOX


The signal of danger received by the body will lead to an adrenal response, that will be readily recognized by the heart, the center of our system, with consequent hyper-activation of the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS). Tachycardia, palpitations, anxiety, shortness of breath, tremor, fear, sweating and a sense of suffocation, therefore, will be the symptoms resulting from the state of danger induced and received, which reverberates at the heart and lung level.

For this reason, the two flower compounds SENTIMENT DETOX and BREATH, are indicated because they act in the chest, in the sentimental area, in the respiratory system which includes the heart and lungs.

Typically it will manifest muscle contraction, abdominal tension, pain in the legs and indisposition of energy and vitality. On the occasion can follow weakness and tremor (especially in the legs), sudden incontinence (peeing on oneself), strong intestinal discharges and/or diarrheal attacks.

Flower composition RELIEF, as a general rescue of all traumatic states, will give relief to all physical, external and internal tensions.

Flower compound RELIEF


In energy terms, we will find ourselves mostly in the presence of ‘a VACUUM’ in the lower part, in our roots, in our relationship with physicality, characterized by a consequent loss of energy in this area. All in correspondence to ‘a state of FULLNESS’ of the opposite portion, therefore of the upper part, of the crown – mind-brain – affected and overwhelmed by excessive worries, manias, obsession, brooding, “rumination” and conjectures, that proceed free-wheeling, taking over on the state of self-balance of the person.

A primary mode of intervention consists of immediate coherent breathing, slow and deep; that is pushed up to the lower abdomen ( inflating the belly). It is fundamental to bring back contact with the present, with genuine primary energies that are synthesized through conscious breathing. Since, in these circumstances, our Being will always be “caught in the act”, in a displacement or space-time condition, absolutely not corresponding to reality and to the PRESENT MOMENT. Empty the mind!

This is why flower composition MIND DETOX is a great help because it cleans the mind, obsessive and redundant thoughts, and clarifying our mental horizon. Flower composition SELF-ESTEEM, on the other hand, will help us find the necessary strength to resume our activities, and the courage and confidence to move forward.

Drinking a nice glass of water, which will work by washing away the altered energy condition present during the state of crisis, easily it can contribute to a substantial rapid benefit!

Andrea Cattapan



Paracelsus – spiritual body

“If we know the inner man’s anatomy, we can see the nature of his illnesses as like as the proper remedies.
What we see with external eyes is the last matter.”


Plants – Alchemists of Nature

“Plants are the alchemists of Nature, experts in transforming water, earth and light into a range of precious substances that, for the most part, human beings cannot even imagine; let alone if they can produce them…”

Michael Pollan (The Botany of Desire – A Plant’s-Eye View of the World – 2001)

Menopause and hot flashes


Practical advice: how to limit disorders and overcome discomforts


Menopause, although a normal and natural process in women’s lives, is still a delicate moment, a phase of life, because it determines profound psychophysical and existential changes.

A hot flush is the most common symptom that accompanies menopause. On average it can last a few months and then the problem becomes just a memory. All very natural. Indeed, for some women this disorder related to the ‘thermoregulation of the body’, generates increasing discomfort, often leading to irregular sleep, irritability, embarrassment when we are together with other people and we are caught by sudden redness and subsequent sweating. If moreover, you have a life full of stress, activities, and responsibilities, the phenomenon of hot flashes can occur assiduously, insistently, throughout the day, adding elements of difficulty to the flow of daily commitments. The solutions are various to alleviate the problem.


«Hot flashes are generally the first obvious symptom, from the pre-menopause, and then become more consistent in the full-blown menopause. We are referring to an average number of cases because for some women the problem is non-existent; while for others it extends well beyond the classic 12-18 months.»


In addition to the annoyance, everything is experienced even with a certain amount of embarrassment!

When it happens during the day, and you are in the midst of people, it is not really pleasant. The typical flush rises from the center of the chest and reaches the face, which tends to blush. So you feel the heat all over your body. The woman, being under the attention and gaze of other people, easily feels uncomfortable. The sudden increase in body heat can be accompanied by a feeling of palpitations and a state of anxiety and/or agitation. One can well understand that this is not pleasant.

CLIMATERIUM is the most important, main floral remedy compound, with a specific formulation for the period of menopause and/or pre-menopause, to manage and relieve symptoms and manifestations related to it.


The phenomenon is often more frequent at night and comes to disturb sleep. Why?

Normally when we sleep the body temperature is lowered. Menopausal flushing, on the other hand, causes them to rise and often leads to unpleasant and intermittent sleep, which is not refreshing. The reason for this physiological reaction depends mainly on the hormonal condition. That is, in a very simple way, the missing in the body of the massive production of female hormones linked to fertility – mostly estrogens – of a more fresh and soothing nature, spontaneously it makes that the male hormones – hot, exciting and activating – present anyway in every woman even if in lesser quantities, they take on a greater weight and relevance. So much so as to produce, for a longer or shorter period, an alteration of the balance in the hormonal structure of the whole organism. Therefore, a new and different condition that, obviously, has its reverberation even in the interiority of the woman. In the long run, the lack of a satisfying night’s sleep causes the heaviest disturbances because this inevitably has a strong impact on the quality of life during the day, in commitments, in relationships with others and our work activities.


What advice can we give to alleviate the problem?

Those who experience sleep disturbances, related to menopause or not, should eat as little as possible at dinner, especially if you are in the habit of dining late at night. Limiting or reducing very-very much the consumption of animal foods, animal protein and fat, avoiding alcohol completely, limiting coffee a lot, as well as all foods/aliments with warm, activating and heating qualities. Nutrition generally has a very important and fundamental role in this. All hot and ‘bloody’ foods, of animal derivation, always and inevitably worsen the situation. Fresh foods and vegetables, on the other hand, greatly improve a better state: raw vegetables, salads, fruits, cooked vegetables, vegetable broths/soups.

RIPOSATUM is the right remedy that helps in case of insomnia and nocturnal awakenings, thanks to its composition of cold, fresh, calming, soothing and refreshing nature.


Can natural or floral specific therapies be used?

There are compositions and products that help a lot. Always natural remedies based on flowers, herbs, and plants. Another very effective solution is regular meditation, relaxation, Yoga, Thai Chi, swimming, spending time in nature – walking/jogging – or gentle gymnastics. If you are also in the presence of physical pain or a state of inner suffering, ALIVIATUM will be of great help providing relief. While, if the condition of menopause should interfere and affect other aspects, or in a more marked and considerable way the emotions and the state of inner balance, thus causing suffering to emerge beyond the discomfort, unexplained annoyance, anger, intolerance, swing mood, emotions that are heavy or difficult to manage, so FEMINAM will facilitate and foster a psychophysical and emotional condition of global harmony – internal and external.


Again, as with other problems or disorders: can mental attitudes help?

Of course! Also for menopausal disorders, central to the cure should be to appease, calm and control the mind. Negative thoughts, worries, and negativity obviously affect it. The mind therefore often has a leading role. MERCURIALIS is what it does to the case; this natural composition helps to calm the mental restlessness, the excess of worries, brooding, obsessions or obsessive/redundant thoughts.

Every woman should allow herself to accept this important transition phase, which is not something serious; it is part of the natural course of life. Not surprisingly, in Yoga it is said that the blaze/flush must be imagined as “the Divine fire that rises”, promoting maturity and wisdom. So this has a very positive connotation. And again in Yoga, there is also what it is called as “refreshing breathing”; a way of breathing that serves to refresh and calm the body.

If the heat is associated with blood pressure changes, at a higher blood pressure, SALINARIUS and CIRCULATUM function optimally as regulators of excess heat, high pressure and promote a correct and normal condition of the whole cardio-circulatory system.

SALINARIUS – Sentiment Detox

Certainly, every woman desires is to live this new season of life in complete well-being and, therefore, it is important to engage ourselves in the searching for a new balance and a new dimension, trusting in our capacity for adaptation and intuition. It is therefore good to listen to ourselves, to understand our needs and establish new priorities.

Every season of life offers its particular fruits, however extraordinary; we only have to learn to accept and live peacefully the continuous changes, or teachings, that life offers us.


…taken from the book – Kaivalya Darsanam, THE HOLY SCIENCE.

“The charlatans, the unbelievers who inhabit the present epoch, defined by the ancient Vedic culture ‘age of ignorance’, have thrown into the astral science the discredit in which it currently finds itself. Astrology is too vast both from a mathematical and a philosophical point of view, so that it can be understood exactly, if not by enlightened people with deep understanding. That the ignorant poorly read the skies and see them as scribbles instead of a script is predictable, in this imperfect world.

However, wisdom should not be dismissed together with the ‘wise men’. All parts of creation are inter-related and mutually influence each other. The harmonious rhythm of the universe is rooted in reciprocity. Man in his human aspect must fight two orders of forces: first the tumults within his own being, caused by the mixture of Earth, Water, Fire and Air, and ethereal elements; secondly, the external disruptive forces of nature. As long as the man struggles in his own mortal, fatal dimension, he is subject to the infinite changes of heaven and earth.

Astrology is the study of man’s reaction to planetary stimuli. The stars do not prove any conscious benevolence or animosity: they limit themselves to be and to emit positive and negative radiations. In themselves, these do not help or harm humanity but act as a legitimate tool so that the balance of cause and effect that every human being has activated in the past can work in the outside world. A child is born in the day and the hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma. His horoscope is a portrait that challenges him, revealing his immutable past and its probable future outcomes.

The birth chart, however, can only be interpreted correctly by people with intuitive wisdom and these people are rare. The message boldly proclaimed in the skies at the time of birth is not intended to bring to the forefront the destiny (the consequences of good and evil done in the past), but to encourage the human will to escape such universal subjection: what the ‘man did, he can undo it. No one else, outside of him, is the creator of the causes that have caused the effects, whatever they are, currently prevalent in his life. He can overcome every limitation, because he himself created it initially with his own actions and because he has spiritual resources that are not subject to any planetary pressure.

The superstitious awe of astrology makes the men of the automaton slavish dependent on mechanical guidance. The wise defeats his own planets (or his own past), transferring his loyalty from creation to the Creator. The more he becomes aware of his unity with the Spirit, the less he can be dominated by matter.

The soul is perennially free; it is immortal in as much as it has never been born. It cannot be regulated by the stars. Man is a soul and has a body; when he correctly establishes his sense of identity, he leaves behind any coercive model. As long as he remains confused in his ordinary state of spiritual amnesia, he will know the subtle chains of the law of the environment in which he lives, of the stars and of the sky.

God is harmony; the devotee who gets in tune will never perform any inappropriate action. His activities will be correctly and spontaneously synchronized with the astrological law. After praying and meditating deeply, he will be in contact with his divine conscience; there is no greater power than such inner protection.”

Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri

Swami Sri Yukteshwar Giri

Message from Ragbà

When we decide to return for another experience, through reincarnation,
we conquer a body that will serve as a vehicle in space/time in which we will be here.

What I observe is that some brother does not respect the limits of his body, or fails to integrate the spiritual work he does with himself, with the expression of this work in his body.

We can not forget the importance of form and essence;

The form is the extension of the essence, and essence evolves only within the form.

Taking care of our personal physical envelope it’s a responsibility that we should all have.
It is a question of respect for ourselves and of personal gratitude towards this Earth, which offers us all for our journey.

Treating the body well is a synonym of self-love, to like oneself.
Vanity, when healthy, expresses the joy of the Soul of being alive and its eternal gratitude for having this opportunity, always unique, to afford to live.

Make your body a healthy home, so that the Spirit can be proud of the house in which it lives, for the time it will remain here.

I’m, by voice, Ragbà.
(message received by Joel Aleixo on 01/07/2000 and dedicated to all alchemist friends)

Astrology & Alchemy

“The goal of Astrology is the Alchemy of personality. It is to transform chaos into cosmos, collective human nature into individual and creative personality.”

Dane Rudhyar