Lecture BODY CLEANSING – the first approach in all natural medicine

You are invited to an online lecture with alchemist, therapist and naturopath Andrea Cattapan, where he will talk about the importance of a clean body, which is one of the first approaches in all natural medicine. He will answer our questions about what genuine body cleansing consists of and how to tackle it in the […]

Lecture & mini Personal Counseling: How fear affects the IMMUNE SYSTEM

Feelings of fear, stress, sadness, pessimism, and other low-vibrating emotions significantly affect the state of our immune system, as emotions are an integral part of all processes in the body. We invite you to a lecture where you will learn how fear affects the state of our immune system, which will be especially important in […]

Lecture – ANIMA live flower essences

Natural solutions to your life strugglings Did you know that flowers have an incredible role in human lives? There is an ancient Slovenian proverb saying »For each disease, there is a flower growing.” Therefore, flower therapy is used since the first civilizations, to restore psycho-physical disbalances inside humans. With its amazing properties and life experiences, […]

Lecture – Why I can not sleep?

Sleep problems today are on the rise, which is a natural consequence of the frenetic time in which we live. Overload, stress, ruptured biorhythm and saturation with the flood of daily information and stimuli from the surroundings, are causing the body to cease to rest. And that even when the body is sleeping, it does […]

Lecture – The great healing power of Flowers

The use of plants for healthy, harmonious and balanced well-being has been present in human history since the earliest civilizations. Flower Therapy and plants have been used in the ancient Lemuria, and Atlantis, later in Mesopotamia, Old Egypt, India, China, etc. The tradition that has been preserved to this day, is found in all cultures […]