Flower Essence BREATH



Alchemical flower composition efficacious and indicated to strengthen relationships with other people or the outside world. It strengthens the heart chakra, fortifies the chest area and enables a better emotional life and feelings.

Food supplement – 50 ml. 


Product description

Respiratory problems reflect difficulties with our relationship to external reality and with people.

BREATH flower essence facilitates the circulation of life energy, as well as improving communication and interaction between the breath, heart chakra and chest energetic meridians.

It helps us in our relationships enhancing our interactions with other people, contrasting our fears of oppression, as we gain self-esteem and faith in ourselves.

It tones up and invigorates the area of sentiment, spiritual heart and the chest – we are supported, lifted and filled with renewed energy. Furthermore, it corrects the classically curved posture with closed in shoulders.

It also aids people who have broken up with their families or dear ones traumatically, or whose feelings have been hurt. Prana or Chi (energy) can be more easily absorbed through breathing, directing it towards our meridians and aura.

It cleanses, purifies, drains and at the same time supports the breath and the chest. Particularly useful in all forms of asthma and oppression of psychosomatic and/or emotional origin.

How to use


Six (6) sprays in the mouth three (3) times a day, before or NOT near meals.


Important: for a correct use and optimal, more satisfactory results, we strongly recommend that you fully use the contents of each bottle until the end. Also to take the mixture continuously and regularly: then every day until the end, to enjoy the best benefits intrinsic to the compositions. Even after the expected results, or following the recovery or disappearance of the problems that were previously present, so as to consolidate and further structure the results of your treatment. Not least, to take advantage of the benefits that result from the application, on our part, of constancy and commitment, coming from a regular rhythm/swing, as usually well known in any type of commitment, scope and/or activity.

Do not take more than the recommended daily dosage – RDA.

A supplement does not substitute a healthy, balanced and varied diet.


Ingredients: energized water, organic agave syrup, flower essences of

pine flowers spp., mentha spp., origanum vulgaris, thymus spp., hyssopus officinalis, verbascum spp., viola tricolor, eucalyptus globulus – alc.15% vol.


 – Keep the bottle out of direct light and away from sources of heat.

 – Keep the bottle preferably at a distance from mobile phones and electromagnetic devices.

 – Keep out of reach from children.

 – The ANIMA flower compositions ARE NOT MEDICINE and do not substitute medical treatment. 

Technical information

Food Supplements.

The mixture has a low alcohol content.

A natural artisan product, subject to color alteration and possible presence of natural and genuine sedimentation at the bottom of the bottle.

Contains: 50 ml. e

Duration of shelf life: 2 years.

Ok for vegan: vegan product.

Gentle treatment and natural products, free from contraindications or side effects. 



“I am willingly making my 3rd cycle/treatment with Flower Essences compounds Sentiment Detox and Breath.

They are really amazingly helping me.

When I look back, in time before taking Flower Essences ANIMA and compared with now, I notice the incredible difference in my inner balance, welfare, in perceiving and responding to the surroundings, etc. I almost can not believe the difference from before, when my sensitivity was shaking me so much, provoking me to respond with tears on many, many little things.

Now I feel much better, in balance and able to face life situations in a completely different way. Thank you.”

Aleksandra, 57 years. Read more…

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