Flower Essence CYST



Alchemical flower composition with natural regulatory action, for the health of the entire genital and urinary system – female and male.

Food supplement – 30 ml. 


Product description

This remedy is specifically conceived and created to take care and treat all the cysts and/or soft masses that the body produces internally, connected to the different organs and systems. Mainly those affecting the female genital system (ovaries, tubes, uterus, vagina), the lower abdomen area, the pelvis and the genito-urinary system (bladder, urinary tract, urethra).

CYST acts on all emotions and sensations of insecurity, helplessness, invasion, contamination, lack of protection, exposure, fragility, weakness, vulnerability that affect women. The female gender in general, their sexuality, and which manifest themselves as dysfunctions, alterations or symptoms in the genital and urinary tract.

Effective in all people affected by: papillomas, polyps, cysts, myomas, lipomas, ovarian cysts, warts, leeks, to dissolve and regress these formations, concretions and masses produced intrinsically by the body. Also useful in case of: cystitis, urethritis, water retention, urinary incontinence, blenorrhagia, (prostatitis and prostatic hypertrophy in males), urinary inflammations, genital inflammations, vaginitis, genital and urinary disorders in general. Urinary antibiotic, antiseptic, cicatrizing. It helps us to dissolve and alleviate our inner knots, the hidden and preserved things within us that, consequently, bring into manifestation masses, cysts, growths, cellular aggregates and lumps in the body.

How to use


Four (4) sprays in the mouth three (3) times a day, before or NOT near meals.


Important: for a correct use and optimal, more satisfactory results, we strongly recommend that you fully use the contents of each bottle until the end. Also to take the mixture continuously and regularly: then every day until the end, to enjoy the best benefits intrinsic to the compositions. Even after the expected results, or following the recovery or disappearance of the problems that were previously present, so as to consolidate and further structure the results of your treatment. Not least, to take advantage of the benefits that result from the application, on our part, of constancy and commitment, coming from a regular rhythm/swing, as usually well known in any type of commitment, scope and/or activity.

Do not take more than the recommended daily dosage – RDA.

A supplement does not substitute a healthy, balanced and varied diet.


Ingredients: energized water, organic agave syrup, flower essences of

pinus sylvestris, picea abies, larix europaea, melaleuca spp., myrtus communis, thymus spp., pinus nigra, – alc.15% vol.


 – Keep the bottle out of direct light and away from sources of heat.

 – Keep the bottle preferably at a distance from mobile phones and electromagnetic devices.

 – Keep out of reach from children.

 – The ANIMA flower compositions ARE NOT MEDICINE and do not substitute medical treatment. 

Technical information

Food Supplements.

The mixture has a low alcohol content.

A natural artisan product, subject to color alteration and possible presence of natural and genuine sedimentation at the bottom of the bottle.

Contains: 30 ml. e

Duration of shelf life: 2 years.

Ok for vegan: vegan product.

Gentle treatment and natural products, free from contraindications or side effects. 



“I tried all the ANIMA Flower Essences compositions and I can not stop marveling at how much they really helped me, with many little things. It’s amazing that what is written in the description of every single composition, is really what they are meant for, and something that correspondingly happens to me.

Most of all, I am very glad that emotions, behaviours and thoughts, that in reality were not mine, or belonging to me,  despite being affected by them, are now gone!

From May 2018 until now, at the beginning of 2019, I’m continuously using them regularly as everyday support in my daily activities (responsible/stressful work, family obligations, etc.).” Beba, 40 years. Read more…

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