Flower Essence VITALITY



Alchemical flower composition to reinstate life force and the body’s/mind’s/Soul’s ability to entirely regenerate themselves.

Food supplement – 50 ml. 


Product description

The body becomes weak when the life force in our Soul and Spirit is not correctly integrated.

VITALITY flower essence is a powerful Soul regenerator. From the depth of our being, new strength for a new phase of life can manifest. New opportunities are awakened.

This flower essence offers security, stability and support when a person feels weak, distraught and tired. It gives strength to those who feel afflicted, giving a new life force stimulus, enthusiasm and energetic resources.

Reinforces, reactivates and re-allocates energy; opens and reactivates channels and energy circuits.

It triggers the circulation of energy meridians, it moves the Prana and electromagnetic circuits; consequently, all related biological and physiological circuits, responsible for supplying nutrients, oxygen and vitality throughout the whole body, are stimulated and activated.

It fights against feelings of sadness, loneliness, dejectedness, lowness, apathy and feelings of blue. When we feel weak or convalescing, it provides security, balance and support.

It fortifies the roots and the foundation of our being, stimulating our regenerative energy, encouraging us to take our life into our hands.

It increases the resilience of our body in general, mending the scars of the past and rejuvenating the Spirit in order to bring a new life’s period. A renewed desire to live.

An excellent revitalising, tonic composition for our Soul. A vitamin for the Soul.

How to use


Six (6) sprays in the mouth three (3) times a day, before or NOT near meals.


Important: for a correct use and optimal, more satisfactory results, we strongly recommend that you fully use the contents of each bottle until the end. Also to take the mixture continuously and regularly: then every day until the end, to enjoy the best benefits intrinsic to the compositions. Even after the expected results, or following the recovery or disappearance of the problems that were previously present, so as to consolidate and further structure the results of your treatment. Not least, to take advantage of the benefits that result from the application, on our part, of constancy and commitment, coming from a regular rhythm/swing, as usually well known in any type of commitment, scope and/or activity.

Do not take more than the recommended daily dosage – RDA.

A supplement does not substitute a healthy, balanced and varied diet.


Ingredients: energized water, organic agave syrup, flower essences of

mentha spp., rosa canina, cichorium intybus, viola tricolor, crocus sativus, rosmarinus officinalis, olea europea, pinus spp., myrtus communis, – alc.15% vol.


 – Keep the bottle out of direct light and away from sources of heat.

 – Keep the bottle preferably at a distance from mobile phones and electromagnetic devices.

 – Keep out of reach from children.

 – The ANIMA flower compositions ARE NOT MEDICINE and do not substitute medical treatment. 

Technical information

Food Supplements.

The mixture has a low alcohol content.

A natural artisan product, subject to color alteration and possible presence of natural and genuine sedimentation at the bottom of the bottle.

Contains: 50 ml. e

Duration of shelf life: 2 years.

Ok for vegan: vegan product.

Gentle treatment and natural products, free from contraindications or side effects. 



“Flower Essences ANIMA really helped me a lot, I can feel that I am now more in my power.

So much gentleness, grace, but a the same time strength, it is felt in them.

I truly perceived how gently they support and encourage me, instilling me with inner trust and peace.” Natasha, 35 years. Read more…

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